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Nashville, TN 


A speculative home designed and built by Giachery Lizarraga and Yancy Lovelace, Hybrid Phoenix Holdings, LLC.  

The inspiration of this home was a modern Gothic Tudor. Bold and edgy exterior, transitional classic on the interior. 

Painted gray brick, black metal accents, stained cedar wood, cut stone porches and stairs. Custom blend interior hardwood floors, cast concrete fireplace, 12" tall base trim and custom judges panel.   

Development, Hybrid Phoenix Holdings

General Contractor-Builder, Hybrid Phoenix Holdings

Architectural Design, Gichery Lizarraga / Yancy Lovelace 

Draftsman, Tarl LaRocco

Landscape Design, Anne Daigh

Interior/exterior design selections coordination, Lua Moore

Furniture staging design selections, Lua Moore 

Structural engineer, Tony Locke, Engineered Solutions

Project Manager, Ronnie Allyn, Hybrid Phoenix

Photography, Tony Matula MA2LA

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