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Nashville, TN 


Our buyer had previously lived in Florida and music row. He brought us inspiration images from Malibu and LA. The task was to make a lovely home. An artful gallery vestibule. A pool for entertaining. A simple clean palate. We explored three different exterior surfaces until we settled on two opposing dark cedar squares, stained charcoal black, and applied in verticals. The lighter opposing squares are cypress, finished in clear, casting a honey hue.  

This home is a design-build collaboration with Giachery Lizarraga, developer-builder & Michael Goorevich, architect.

Development, Hybrid Phoenix Holdings, LLC

General Contractor-Builder, Hybrid Phoenix Holdings

Architect, Michael Goorevich, PLLC

Landscape Architect, Anne Daigh

Structural engineer, Tony Locke, Engineered Solutions 

Civil engineering, Michael Garrigan, Dale & Associates

Project Manager, Ronnie Allyn / Hybrid Phoenix Holdings

Photography, Anthony Matula, MA2LA

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