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Forest Hills, TN 


In a traditional housing market, the owners wanted a contemporary home and had three main criteria. Moving to Nashville; the home needed to be on a beautifu land site, close to the central business district, work and school, not urban infill or rural. We found the land. Buyer wanted to offer a gesture to a classic Tennessee farmhouse. Also, to have a reminder of a favorite place, Sea Ranch, California.  

This home is a design-build collaboration with Giachery Lizarraga, developer-builder & Michael Goorevich, chief architect.

Rebut resquare cedar shake. A metal cantillevered reception walkway. Large windows. White oak floors. Pacific northwest blue back splash. 

Development, Hybrid Phoenix Holdings, LLC

General Contractor-Builder, Hybrid Phoenix Holdings, LLC

Architect, Michael Goorevich. PLLC

Landscape Design Consultant, Sari Barton

Interior design, Jonathan Pierce (Pierce & Co.)

Structural engineer, Ruth Alwes Enineering, P.C.

Project Manager, Ronnie Allyn / Hybrid Phoenix Holdings, LLC

Photography, Anthony Matula, MA2LA

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